Locksmith Prices Barnsley

locksmith prices Barnsley

Price Brochure

We have put together a collection of our services and products together in a brochure you can download and keep for reference. You are free to print the brochure and keep it for as long as you need. There may be updates throughout the year so make sure you have the latest brochure to hand.

Price Brochure

locksmith prices Barnsley

Door Bell Camera

From £240 inc vat.

RING-DB-G2In stock

Our latest doorbell camera offering takes over from the RING door bell camera after subscription fees increased considerably.

This second generation camera builds on a quality reputation with improved response time, recording quality and no subscription fees. The camera can be installed quickly as a wired or wireless device with monitoring from your mobile phone or home devices.

locksmith prices Barnsley

Enforcer Alarm System

£550 plus vat.

RING-AL-1In stock

The Enforcer is a professional and flexible wired security system that can be installed to your requirements from one zone or sensor up to multiple zones with different types of sensor for doors, windows, floors, PIRs and remote tilt sensors.

Call us today to arrange a site visit by our supervising electrical engineer who knows the capabilities and limitations of each device.

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UPVC Door Re-alignment

£84 inc. VAT

SH-DO In stock

UPVC door re-alignment may need to be looked at some time after installation as the house and doors adjust with use & temperature.

When the misalignment reaches an excessive stage wear to the central gearbox becomes evident, e.g. the handles become loose and floppy (most people assume that the spring has strained in the handles at this stage)

All of this will result in one of the following three scenarios:

  • The door is open and will not physically close
  • The door will close but it will be impossible to lift the handles and lock the door
  • The door is locked or unlocked closed but will not open

UPVC Door Realignment

If confronted with any of the scenarios above, then SheffLOCK have the expertise to remedy most problems. We carry an extensive stock of multi point locking mechanisms, central gearbox cases & various keeps & strikes, that enables us to offer a service to fully overhaul Upvc doors and render them usable and as secure as when they were first installed.

locksmith prices Barnsley

locksmith prices for
Non-Destructive Entry

£84 inc. VAT

SH-NDE In stock

SheffLOCK use specialist techniques to gain entry without causing damage to your door. If you've misplaced your keys or find you're locked out, then we can get you back in without unnecessary damage to your property.

Because we are local, we can usually get there within 30 - 60 minutes.

No daytime call out fee, 60 minute response, 24 hour service, CRB Checked.

It is policy at SheffLOCK (unless at the request of the customer) to carry out Non-destructive entry for all call-outs. Whilst there are times that this may prove to be impractical it will be the decision of the consumer.

SheffLOCK are highly trained and very experienced at gaining entry with the minimum of fuss and without a mess. We are experts in the non-destructive entry and if we can not gain access then no one can. If you have poor quality locks fitted we will advise you of your options to reduce the risk of burglary.

locksmith prices Barnsley

locksmith prices for
Destructive Entry

£84 inc. VAT

SH-DE In stock

Mortice locks are VERY SECURE and ideal for home security but without the keys or if it fails it can be difficult to gain entry without completely destroying the old lock.

SheffLOCK are experienced locksmiths and will always leave your door looking as good as we found it even if we have to use destructive entry methods.

We have onboard a variety of locks to suit any door which are guaranteed for parts and workmanship.

Call us for the best locksmith prices in Sheffield, Rotherham Barnsley & Barnsley. We will keep your lock change cost as low as possible. We are happy if you are too.

If keys are lost to multiple locks, a discount can be worked out, depending on the complexity of gaining entry to each lock.

Out of hours call out

Our call outs are FREE. If you need us straight away in the early hours then we can be there for you. Our work is never dull, we never know what is going to happen, who we will meet or where we will be required.

It takes some getting used to but it has become normality for us after our years as locksmiths.

Our locksmith prices are the most competitive in South Yorkshire backed by over 1,000 recent 5 star reviews

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