Door Lock Repairs Barnsley

Conservatory Door Lock Repair

Conservatory Door Lock Repairs

If any part of your multi-point locking mechanism is starting to stick or catch contact the Barnsley UPVC Repairs team to have the problem fixed quickly and safely.

Our team daily repair doors and windows in Barnsley. If you have an old door or old lock we have locks from doors we have replaced.

Garage Lock Repair Barnsley with added garage door security

Garage Door Lock Repair

Your garage door could cause the locking parts to be out of alignment, so the pins and locks do not locate in the lock housings properly.

Our Garage Door Lock Repair service will see if your garage door requires servicing or your garage door lock replacing.

Lock Repairs Barnsley set of five removed multi-point locking mechanisms against a new lock mechanism at the top
Mortice Lock Repair

Mortice Lock Repairs are very difficult to do as these type of locks are very secure. If your door is locked we can attempt to pick your lock if the working mechanism inside allows.

If not we have other non-destructive techniques we can use. We always try to get in without any damage to your door or door frame.

We can fix the majority of problems associated with mortice locks and have a supply of BS3621 5 lever mortice locks if we cannot repair your door mortice lock.

Night Latch Lock Repairs Barnsley new multi-point locking mechanism with top and bottom door edge hook bolts

Night Latch Lock Repair

We can repair most night latch lock faults and have a number of options for night latch lock repairs.

The main parts of a multi-point locking system are the hook, deadbolt, roller cam and centre latch.

If all of these parts are in good working order, they enable the door to open and lock smoothly and provide outstanding security against any attempts to force the door open when locked.

Lock Repairs Barnsley roller cam with cylinder shape bolt and mushroom cash bolt that has a flared end

Patio Door Lock Repairs

There are many different types of patio door locks depending on the style of door like bi-fold doors, French doors or standard hinged doors. They usually have glass inserts that open onto the garden at the rear or side of a house and made from materials like wood, metal or uPVC.

Wood French doors often have 5-lever mortice locks at top and bottom with a mortice lock on the primary door and a bolt on the slave.

Whatever type of patio door lock you have, we can repair or replace it. We carry a wide range of locks for French doors and bi-fold doors.

Sliding Patio Door Lock Repair

Sliding Patio Door Lock Repair

Sliding doors have glass inserts that open onto the garden at the rear or side of a house and made from materials like wood, metal or uPVC.

Sliding doors with multi-point locks use hook bolts to fasten the door to the frame.

Whatever type of patio door lock you have we can repair it or replace it. SheffLOCK carry a wide range of locks for sliding doors. Call us today to book your Sliding Patio Door Lock Repairs.

uPVC Door Lock Repairs SheffLOCK locksmith attaching new security approved door handle to uPVC door with workings of the old broken lock mechanism on the right

uPVC Door Lock Repair

Door Repair Barnsley recommend you should change uPVC door locks following a break-in or if you lose your keys.

Window Lock Repair

Window Lock Repair

We specialise in broken window lock repairs, to get jammed window locks working again quickly and safely. We can identify all window lock types and can often get spares or replacements the next working day if we do not have them onboard our vans.

Although uPVC windows can last for decades, the window locking mechanisms need regular minor maintenance so that issues don't develop into problems. Whatever the issue call SheffLOCK for all your window lock repairs.

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