Burglary Can Be Prevented

Burglary Prevention

This 30 second video shows how burglars continue to take advantage of houses that do not have accredited locks installed.

What is lock snapping?

How do I prevent this?

So if you are unfortunately the victim of a break-in at your property, you can rely on our highly rated Professional Locksmiths.

As ex-police officers, we provide unrivalled customer service from start to finish, no matter what time of day or night you call us.

Burglary can be prevented

What is the method of lock snapping?

As shown in the video, lock snapping burglary is when the burglar uses a pair of mole grips and a flat-bladed screwdriver to gain entry via standard euro locks easily under 10 seconds.

By simply snapping the handle area above the euro lock with mole grips, this exposes the euro lock cylinder enough to be able to be gripped by the mole grips whereby pressure is applied downwards which causes the cylinder to snap revealing the central turning cam which is the area of the lock that locks/ unlocks the door.

A thick flat-bladed screwdriver inserted into the cam will allow the burglar to turn the cam and unlock the door. This method is quick, quiet and has been used by criminals for over a decade.

Keep keys out of sight

How To Prevent Lock Snapping

The solution to prevent lock snapping is to install the Police accredited ULTION euro lock & LOCK LOCK security handles to every external door.

These two products have achieved the maximum Police accreditation available, which means they can withstand all known entry methods under intense supervised testing conditions.

The ULTION lock also comes with a £2000 guarantee that a burglar cannot snap the lock and then gain entry via the lock.

We have personally proven as a company on many occasions that these two products withstand attack from criminals which is why we are passionate and 100% confident in advising all of our customers to have these security products installed immediately as the very first stage of home security.

How can I tell if my lock is accredited?

It is imperative to know that if you are buying anti-snap locks, they are accredited to anti-snap levels rather than just being called Anti-snap locks.

Don’t worry, it's not difficult to determine what, if any accreditations, your current euro locks have.

Burglary Prevention at home

Three stars and a diamond

The image shows what area to check on your existing euro locks and what stamp mark should be displayed to be accredited to the anti-snap level.

To be accredited to the maximum anti-snap level, the euro lock must display three stars and a diamond stamp mark.

Burglary can be prevented

A lock that only displays 1-star or a kite mark heart only IS NOT accredited as anti-snap and therefore has not passed the intense testing.

Please do not risk your home security by installing inferior non accredited anti-snap locks as they will not protect you from lock snapping.

Burglary can be prevented

You can contact our team of Ex-Police officers now for a friendly chat about these fantastic products or be provided with a free quote.

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