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Summer Holiday Security

Summer Holiday Security

We have used our knowledge and studied the latest news from professionals and insurance companies about summer holiday security.

You want to be able to enjoy your holiday, so a little planning and organisation will help you relax and enjoy your hard-earned break.

There are two parts to holiday security. Part 1 is your home's security, and Part 2 is your security when you are on holiday.

Summer Holiday Security

Home Security While On Holiday

Vigilant neighbours can be a deterrent if you let them know you are away. Neighbourhood Watch areas are a "no go" area for burglars due to the constant efforts to report suspicious activity for the police to check out.

It only takes one or two patrol cars circling a neighbourhood after a few reports, and word quickly gets around.

Neighbourly tasks include pushing the post through the letter box and checking that side gates are secure. Letting your neighbour park on your drive while you're away gives the impression that someone's home.

Summer Holiday Security

Away On Holiday Home Security

Locksmith Barnsley always recommends physical security measures first and deterrents second. Stopping the burglar can be simple and cost-effecting by upgrading door locks and door handles along with fitting laminated glass to vulnerable windows that could act as an entry point.

Deterrents like security lighting, CCTV and alarm systems cannot stop a burglary but make your property less attractive because of the increased risk of being seen.

Hotel Room Safes

Hotel Room Safes

Hotel managers sometimes change the default code to the hotel room safe. However, if you change the user code to one of your choosing, it can still be overridden by anyone with knowledge of the default code. Safe manufacturers display the code in the website support manual.

Responsible hotel managers will change the code routinely with limited staff knowledge in case it’s needed when the guest forgets the number they entered.

A safe in your hotel room is the first place any thief will look as you put all your items a thief would be interested in, like your passports, money and jewellery. Unfortunately, some room safes are secured to a shelf instead of a wall, making them vulnerable to being ripped out.

If you have valuable possessions that need to be kept safe, see if the hotel has a safe behind reception.

Hotel Key Security

Hotel Key Security

Are hotel key cards a security risk? A key card system for your hotel can add security. Broken cards can be replaced easily without having to change the locks

  • Key cards are hard to replicate by fraudsters than traditional keys
  • They are easy to use and can be stored safely in your wallet
  • The hotel will be able to detect if a card is stolen
  • They are electronically monitored by hotel staff for added security.
Holiday Burglary Statistics

Holiday Burglary Statistics

National Statistics show that burglary increases during the school summer holidays and from when the clocks go back leading to darker nights in the run up to Christmas.

Technology and news communication has led to a siginificant fall in burglary over the last twenty years.

Christmas Holiday Security

Christmas Holiday Security

Every Barnsley Locksmith is in awe of Father Christmas. The magical big man can evade every known lock or security system with his master key to every house.

It’s well known that December is a lousy month for burglaries, with them increasing by up to a quarter. I guess it doesn’t take an expert to figure out why; as well as the dark nights giving burglars cover, there are also Christmas parties (or business meetings with cheese and wine as our PM would say) and visits taking people away from the house, and it’s likely that there are new shiny expensive gifts lying around, ready to give out on Christmas day. All in all, quite the opportunity for the seasonal burglar.

Security Tips During Christmas

Security Tips During Christmas

To prevent a break-in during Christmas keep windows locked and closed. It’s a risk to have an external Christmas light power lead trailing through a window to an indoor socket. This leaves the window slightly open and vulnerable to any attempt at opening it further by a burglar, especially if it’s easily accessible. If there is no way to

Pre Christmas Security
Pre Christmas Security

Next, presents. Now we know there is much more to Christmas than presents. But hey, they’re not a bad accompaniment to the day. However, where are you storing them in the lead up to the day? If they’re under the tree in plain sight through a window, be aware that with your lights on in the dark evening, they’ll be very visible to any passers-by. And rather than a burglar finding it all heart-warming and a festive holiday scene, they’ll simply see a pile of potentially expensive gifts giving them incentive to break in. Careful when visiting friends and relatives too not to leave presents on display in your car. Use the boot, and keep them out of sight.

On a similar note, Covid is still putting off many of us from physically going into shops, leading to more online shopping than usual. But if you’re getting items delivered to your house, make sure either that you’re going to be in, or that the delivery driver has a secure place to leave them, out of sight. Sticking a note to the courier on your front door simply advertises the fact that no-one is home, and having boxes left on the doorstep is also not ideal.

Post Christmas Security
Post Christmas Security

Christmas breaks in sunny climes may not be likely but they’re more possible than last year. If you’re one of the lucky ones flying off, take the usual precautions when leaving an empty house – investing in timers for the lights, getting a neighbour to pick up any post, and offering out your driveway to any neighbours that need it. Anything you can do to give the impression that someone’s in will decrease your chances of a break-in – there’s nothing a burglar likes more than an empty house.

Thinking about post-Christmas, you may have been left with empty boxes and packaging. This should be disposed of carefully, not only for environmental reasons but also for security concerns. Leaving product boxes outside, on top of your recycling bin, can advertise what you’ve purchased or been given this Christmas, again encouraging a burglar to pick your house as a target. If you can, get all the packaging inside the bin, away from sight, and if this isn’t possible, then a trip to the Household Waste Recycling Centre may be in order – there’s not much else to do in that week between Christmas and New Year anyway, and it’ll be nice to get some fresh air.

Summer Home Security

Summer Home Security

Locksmith Barnsley define a Summer Home as one which is used exclusively by the owner and a Holiday Home as one which is rented to the public.

Summer Home owners like the same level of comfort with furniture, bedding, TV and kitchen equipment kept for easy access. Summer homes are unoccupied, more than occupied and often located in rural areas with low police presence, so they can be an easy target for a burglar.

Physical security is essential to protect your summer home so consider fitting anti-snap locks to external doors and laminated glass to vulnerable ground floor windows.

With many visitors coming and going from your property, it is nice to know that your holiday let is secure. But if you are like most holiday property owners, you will be managing your property remotely which can make holiday let security a difficult task to manage. On top of insuring your property let with holiday let insurance, there are many ways that you can keep your holiday let secure, including cameras, alarms and sensors, as well as some other methods that will protect your property.

Holiday Home Security

Holiday Home Security

When guests arrive at the property, they tend to bring expensive gadgets with them such as an iPad, laptop or any other object of great monetary value.

Burglaries are very rarely spontaneous when hitting their targets. The more skilled criminals will scope out the property in advance, learning its weak points and the best time to strike.

The more security measures you have in place for your property, the better chance you have of stopping and deterring criminals. Having cameras around the exterior of your property can help you identify any unwanted visitors. Signs showing the use of cameras will also reinforce your security. For best and most guest-friendly use of security cameras, they should only be pointed towards key safes and the entrances/exits of property only. This will minimalise the invasion of privacy of your guests, while still monitoring the most important areas.

Disclose any use of cameras around your property to your guests in advance. If you do not disclose this, your guests could be entitled to cancel with a full refund. Mention the use of cameras on any booking sites you use.

Cameras must NEVER be used in private places such as bedrooms and bathrooms. This is a breach of privacy and unlawful.

As well as cameras, any voice recording devices also need to be disclosed to your guest before they commit to staying at your property. Be mindful that these rules can change depending on the agency or provider you are listing your property with. Some have stricter rules than others and will not tolerate the use of cameras or recording devices.

Although modern locks have become a lot more sophisticated, thieves have become expert in the skill of lockpicking. With digital smart locks, no key will be required to enter the property. Instead, you can utilize an access code, card or mobile device to gain entry into the property

A key safe is accessed using a code which can be changed in between bookings so changing the code regularly is a priority. Tell your letting agent where your key safe is located and the access code in case of an emergency.

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