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Moving House

Moving House

Moving House is equally an exciting but stressful time for the majority of us. With the large amount of things to do on the checklist, many people don't give the locks and the existing security of their new House the attention it deserves.

Many Houseowners incorrectly rank having a house alarm and CCTV as priorities when it comes to House security upon moving into a new House. Although these security products do have a place it is being proven constantly that they are not the deterrent they once were as burglars have evolved methods used to gain entry into our Houses.

CCTV and house alarms are designed to alert you that an intruder is in your House but sadly the modern day burglar is not put off by these security products. Correctly accredited locks are the first line of defence for your new House and should form the foundation of your House security.

We advise you to consider the following when moving into your new House:-
Moving House

Am I 100% certain that all the keys to my external door locks are accounted for?

If you cannot account for all the keys to your new House you run the risk of someone entering your House via the spare key and committing a burglary leaving very little if any evidence that unlawful entry has been made.

This not only makes the job of burglar extremely easy but can cause added stress and upset when making an insurance claim.

Consideration should be given regarding this to all external locks including garages, sheds and out houses.

The police and relevant partnership agencies advise people to change locks when moving into a new House and we agree with this sensible common sense approach.

Ultion Keys.

Moving House

Do the current locks fitted meet the required House insurance and Police standards?

Not only is this crucial to comply with insurance requirements but also for your own safety against any methods used by burglars to force entry into your House.

It is extremely easy for a burglar to check externally if you do not have the correctly accredited locks and in many cases without the correctly accredited locks installed, a criminal can enter your House in a matter of seconds.

Click this link Approved Locks to quickly check what markings to look for on your locks to verify if they are to the required standard or not.

Moving House
What should I do if any of the above applies to me?

If you cannot account for all the keys to your new House and/or you believe that your locks are not to the required standard, contact SheffLOCK now and discuss with a friendly member of staff any concerns you may have and what options are available for you.

As EX-Police officers we are passionate about burglary prevention and are here to help you.

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Moving House
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2 August 2018

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